Chiropractic helps me maintain good health!

Arise Chiropractic helps me maintain good health, both physically and mentally. Dr. Hinkle is awesome at keeping my spine and everything attached in good working order. Marybeth helps my mental attitude- she always seems to be up and enthusiastic. I have encountered people in similar positions to Marybeth and they don’t even make eye contact. Marybeth is wonderful at her job and a big part of why I love going to Arise.


She has helped my baby!

My daughter was born with a tongue tie. After it was revised she was still unable to open her jaw wide enough to get a good latch for nursing. We also started noticing how much she was throwing up. It was all day, every day and it didn’t seem like she was keeping anything down. The pediatric dentist referred us to Dr. Hinkle and I couldn’t be more grateful. My daughter is now 4 months old and is like a new baby. Nursing is no longer an issue and she rarely throws up anymore. It’s really hard seeing your baby so uncomfortable and thanks to Dr. Hinkle I don’t have to anymore. At first I was hesitant to take a newborn to a chiropractor. I used to see a chiropractor and assumed that her adjustment would be like mine and that scared me. It was not the same at all and she actually really enjoyed it. The staff is amazing and I am going to start seeing Dr. Hinkle for my own care. I can’t thank her enough for what she has done to help my baby.


I can live and work pain-free!

I injured my neck and shoulders playing football and chiropractic care was the only relief I was able to get. Since then my neck and shoulders are constantly stressed by my work and often get stiff and I feel tingling and pain. Dr. Hinkle is able to work and guide me back to normal so I can live and work pain-free and with normal mobility. Thank goodness for the staff also!!

DK, Dentist

I can stay active in my golden years!

I was having dizzy spells and focusing problems with my eyes whenever I had to look upward or work above my head for more than a few seconds. Three times the dizziness advanced to migraine headaches, severe enough to be diagnosed as TIA’s by my regular doctor. He was sure I was experiencing a problem related to my cardiac condition, such as a blood clot blocking flow to my brain. Dr. Hinkle cleared the problem in my neck and spine within a month of regular chiropractic care. I continue in her care as preventative maintenance of my body, allowing me to perform hard work and stay active in my golden years.


Sustaining health with chiropractic.

In March of 2015 I sustained a ground level fall that was treated by meds but unfortunately got worse as my pelvis was rotated and shifted. Muscle relaxers made me worse. I came to Arise and was corrected over the subsequent weeks. I have continued therapy in order to sustain health and recently had another fall. Although, I disrupted my alignment, I was not incapacitated as I once had been. This I attribute to Dr. Hinkle et al. for strengthening my back/alignment/mobility. Thank you all.


I am able to live my life!

The bottom line is that Dr. Hinkle and Debbie Couture keep me moving. I suffer from fibromyalgia and chronic pain. By regularly going to Arise Chiropractic I am able to live my life and do my job as a kindergarten teacher to the fullest. I can never thank them enough for what they do for me. And while they keep me moving, Marybeth keeps me laughing! Thank you!